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The Fraser Fir grows naturally only in the southern Appalachians. Cool temperatures and the abundant rainfall of western North Carolina are ideally suited for production of the "Cadillac" of Christmas trees. The Fraser is especially noted for its needle retention, deep green color, with a silvery underside as well as its wonderfully fragrant aroma and strong boughs that will support the heaviest of ornaments.

North Carolina tree growers produce over 50 million Fraser Firs each year. The Fraser Fir was named for John Fraser, a Scottish botanist who explored the southern Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina in the late 1700s. It is a pyramid-shaped tree that reaches a maximum height of 80 feet and a trunk diameter of 1-1/2 feet.

Over 50 million Fraser Firs are grown in North Carolina on 25,000 acres for use as Christmas trees, and the Fraser fir represents over 90% of all the trees grown in North Carolina as Christmas trees. Wolf Creek Tree Farm prides itself in having the best quality Christmas trees grown in North Carolina.

Try a North Carolina grown Fraser Fir and it will likely become a permanent part of your holiday tradition.

Information provided by: North Carolina Christmas Tree Association

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