About Trees: Caring for a Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

We take special care when growing our lovely Fraser Fir Christmas Trees at our NC Christmas Tree Farms which are located in western North Carolina. After we cut the trees we take steps to ensure that they remain fresh during the period in which they need to be transported, etc. Buyers often report that our trees are some of the freshest that they buy. Click to see our Fraser Fir Tree Prices for wholesale buyers. We are a wholesale tree farm, and we have 2 locations that we farm. If you are interested in learning more about buying our wholesale trees, click over to that information.

Once the Christmas Tree Fraser Fir makes it to the consumer, the tree will still be fresh; however, there are steps that folks at home can do after they have purchased a tree to ensure that its quality and freshness is maintained. Here we will go over a few bits of advice on Caring for a Fraser Fir Christmas Tree. The sooner that you are able to accomplish these things after buying and getting the tree in your home, the better.

  • Display your Christmas Tree Fraser Fir in a reservoir container with water ASAP. Before you set it in the container in water, make a cut on the base of the trunk to remove about 1/2 inches of the wood on the bottom. Make this cut perpendicular; not at an angle, or in a v-shape as some have instructed. Trees can go 6-8 hours after being cut and still take up water.
  • If you cannot get the tree into the water container in which you intend to keep the tree for the rest of the season, place the tree in a full bucket of water in a cool area. You can leave for a few days if you need to.
  • Use a container that keeps the water level at a constant level. As a rule, tree stands should allow 1 quart of water per inch of the trunk's diameter.
  • Use a stand that is appropriate for your trees' trunk size; do not whittle the tree down to fit the trunk into a stand that is too small.
  • Display your live Christmas tree away from heat sources that can dry it out prematurely.
  • Check and water daily to ensure that the tree has enough water.

More Information

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