About Trees: Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

There are several types of Christmas trees and all have a unique type of look, shape and most have needles and sap that smells wonderful. Some are more popular than others. There are about 16 types that are highly poplar during the holiday period, many of which are grown in North Carolina. The Fraser fir Christmas Tree is a highly valued tree because it maintains its freshness for a long period, has a unique color, and one of a kind, beautiful smell. If you clicked on this page to learn about Caring for a Fraser Fir Christmas Tree, click the link to find care instructions.

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees have a unique pyramid shape and its branches point upward giving the tree a nice compact exterior. Its needles have a lovely color and most remain on the tree even after the tree has been cut for quite a period. Fraser firs grow only at elevations above 4,500 feet which is why our region of Western North Carolina is perfect. You have probably noted the number of Christmas Tree Farms in NC during a visit to our area in the Appalachian Mountains and there is a reason. The mountains here have the best climate for the trees to thrive and grow properly.

Due to the trees' amazing color, pleasant scent and hardiness it is often the type of tree that folks look to ship to provide high quality Christmas trees to areas in which the Fraser Fir Christmas Tree will not grow. As one of the NC Wholesale Christmas Tree growers we offer shipping, delivery and pick up on orders for Fraser firs. We have been farming for more than 50 years and invite you to find out why you should Buy Live Fraser Firs this Christmas!

Want to see Fraser fir Tree Prices? Click over to our Wholesale Prices page, or check out locations of our farms if you are interest in buying a tree for your home or office. We ship, deliver, and sell trees of all sizes including trees as small as 4ft tall all the way to gigantic 15 and 16 foot Fraser firs. We offer competitive prices and we have a reputation for providing some of the freshest trees encountered each season.

Check out photos of our Christmas Tree Farms in NC, located in the mountains. We also feature photos of our Nursery, Seed Orchard, and our proud staff. We are a full service wholesaler and if you have any questions, please contact us!

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